Turkish Oil Seals Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish oil seals, Turkey oil seals manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality oil seals from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

s coteco, elring, simrit, dph, super, skt, conttech, optibelt, band, pix, oil seals, engine belts
OZTEKNIK RULMAN        Türkiye     Hakkı Azman    
s bearings, bearing sleeves, bearing types, bearings mtk, bearings lyc, bearing sleeves rhb, sleeves, oil seals, v belts, couplings, ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, full complement cylindrical roller bearings, thrust ball bearings, bearing with sleeves, roller bearing, split bearings, four-row roller router bearing, gearbox bearings, axial bearings, three-row roller axial bearings, axlebox bearings, insulated bearings, input bearings
s bearing, bearings, oil seal, oil seals, retaining clip
TIMBER RUBBER PRODUCTS CO. LTD.        Çin     keyu Lee    
s rubber parts, gaskets, oil seals, engine mounts, anti shock absorbers, rubber parts for automotive, rubber parts for house appliances
XIANGYANG HEYUE AUTO PARTS CO. LTD.        Çin     Terry Cheng    
s 4bt3.9, 6bt5.9, 6ct8.3, 6l, bottom gasket kits, cummins, cylinder head gaskets, diesel engine replacements, isb, isc, isd, isl, k19, k38, k50, l10, l375, m11, mainrod bearings, n14, nh220, nt855, o-rings, oil seals, qsb series top gasket, rubber parts, tappet cover, valve stem seals
BERSH AUTOMOTIVE        Türkiye     Bersh Automotive    
s automotive parts, spare parts, automotive spare parts, air brakes, air brake, clutch systems, clutch system, brake discs, brake disc, brake drums, brake drum, electrical part, gearboxes, oil seals, suspension parts, body parts, axles, auto parts, automobile parts, cars parts, parts cars, car parts, part of car, parts of car, auto cars parts, automotive cars, aftermarket parts, oem parts, replacement parts, truck parts, diesel parts, auto spare parts, automotive industry
R.B.S YEDEK PARCA VE MAKINE LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s rubber bearing seals, oil seals, o-rings, tehcnical rubber parts, rubber to metal bonded parts
FUJIAN COS PLASTIC RUBBER CO. LTD        Çin     william zheng    
s oil seals, o-rings, auto parts
EKIMPAR DIS TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     İzzet OVADİYA    
s gas springs, coil springs, ignition cable sets, ignition coils, distributor caps, sensors, switches, antennas, horns, v belts, overrunning alternator pulleys, belt tensioners, crakshaft pulleys, clutch discs and covers, clutch bearings, waterpumps, air filters, cabin air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, control cables, tie rod ends, balla joints, track control arms, axial joints, stailizer links, wishbones, steering bushes, engine transmission, radiator mountings, stabilizer mountings, radiator, pistons, rings, brake discs, engine valves, cylinders, radiators, cv joints, brake pads, brake shoes, wheel hubs, oil seals, gears, brake drums, engine bearings, wheel covers, glow plugs, cylinder head gaskets, gasket kits, camshafts, flywheels, fan blade, headlights, grills, heater hoses, fan clutch, bumpers, suspension strut mountings, track control arm bushes, exhaust mountings, cv joint boots, steering gear gaiter, crankshafts, steering racks, steering wheel shafts, power steering pumps, door handles, glass lifting assembly, exhaust bellows, fenders, oil caps, oil pan gaskets, upper cover gaskets, manifold gaskets, mirror and mirror caps, wiperblades, fog and side lamps, rear stoplights and inner lightening
SHANGHAI YIGUAN SEAL CO. LTD.        Çin     Iris Zhang    
s ptfe seals, tflon seals hydraulic seals, oil seals, dust seals pneumatic seals, graphite packings o rings gaskets
NOYA VERA DIS TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s adhesives, aluminium foil lubricant, ball bearing, bearings, carbide knives, copper cloth, gluing systems, grease remover, linear knives, oil seals, printing ink remover, repair clamps, shaft seals, splice tapes, transmission belts, v belts
COS PLASTIC        Çin     Amily Zheng    
s axle seals, drill pipe rubber, gaskets, hoses, hydraulic seals, o-ring, oil field rubber parts, oil seals, packer rubber tube, pipe, pneumatic seals, ptfe oil seal, rotary shaft seals, rubber bumper, rubber bushing, rubber cap plugs, rubber grommets, rubber mount, silicone wristbands, sphere pig, suction cups, tube, valve stem seal, washer, hydraulic seals, pneumatic seals, suction cups, rotary shaft seals
CONTA-SAN POWER GASKETS PRODUCTION        Türkiye     Metin Hotamış    
s gaskets, head gasket set, full gasket sets, cylinder head gaskets, compressor gaskets, compressor kits, filters, oil seals, shims, conversion sets, top set, bottom set, washer, exhaust manifold gaslkets, intake manifold gaskets, valve cover gaskets, head gasket, valve seal, oil pan, timing cover case, gear box gasket, transmission set, cylinder liner sealing, piston ring, crank shaft, compressor plates, man, deutz, iveco, lister, mwm, mercedes, parkings, steyr, scania, petter, volvo, auto gasket, automotive gaskets, blown cost, blown gasket, car gasket, coolant head, copper gasket, custom gaskets, cut gaskets, engine gaskets, engine head, engine kit, epdm gasket, gasket, gasket cylinder, gasket fix, gasket kit, gasket material, gasket oil, gasket replacement, gasket sealer, gasket set, gasket sheet, gaskets seals, head gasket, head repair, header gaskets, industrial gaskets, leaking cylinder, leaking head, manifold gasket, metal gasket, neoprene gasket, oil head, paper gasket, repair blown, rubber, rubber gasket, seal, silicone gasket, temperature gasket, valve gasket, asbestos gasket, spare parts, filters, piston ring, truck engine spare parts, gasket, truck parts, european truck parts, european trucks gaskets, flexible pipes, flexible housing parts, head gasket set, full gasket set, cylinder head gasket, compressor gasket, compressor kits, oil seals, shim, conversion sets, top set, bottom set, exhaust manifold gasket, intake manifold gasket, valve cover gasket, valve seal, oil pan, timing cover case, gear box gasket, transmisson set, cylinder liner sealing, crank shaft, compressor plates, fendt gasket, rvi berliet gaskets, caterpillar gasket, cummins gasket, daf gasket, deutz gasket, hatz gasket, ihc gasket, isuzu gasket, iveco gasket, john deere gasket, komatsu gasket, lister gasket, man gasket, mercedes gasket, perkins gasket, petter gasket, scania gasket, stayer gasket, volvo gasket, head set, auto gaskets, mwm gasket, landrover gasket, truck gaskets, tractors gaskets, gasket turkey, gaskets
POWER GASKETS TURKEY        Türkiye     Metin Hotamış    
s bottom set, compressor gaskets, compressor plates, crank shaft, cummins gasket, cylinder head gaskets, daf gasket, deutz gasket, filters, gaskets, gear box gasket, head gasket, head gasket set, ihc gasket, isuzu gasket, iveco gasket, oil pan, oil seals, piston ring, shims, timing cover case, top set, transmission set, ull gasket sets, valve cover gaskets, valve seal, washer, gasket, full gasket set, cylinder head gasket, compressor kits, shim, conversion sets, exhaust manifold gasket, intake manifold gasket, valve cover gasket, cylinder liner sealing, caterpillar gasket, hatz gasket, john deere gasket, komatsu gasket, land rover gasket, lister gasket, man gasket, mercedes gasket, mwm fendt gasket, perkins gasket, petter gasket, rvi berliet gasket, scania gasket, stayer gasket, volvo gasket, head set, axor gasket, actros gasket
OZAY DOKUM IMALAT A.S.        Türkiye     Ayhan TOGRAL    
s aluminium, aluminum, aluminium gravity casting, aluminium low pressure die casting, aluminium high pressure die casting products, cnc machining, electro-static powder-coating processes, electro-static, powder-coating processes, electrostatic powdercoating, coupling, couplings, aluminium couplings, brass-bronze couplings, oil seals, oil gaskets, seals, gaskets, nbr seals, nbr gaskets, viton seals, viton gaskets, silicon seals, silicon gaskets, arms, assembly pins, high pressure products, gravity casting products, low pressure products, engine brackets, led housings, led stands, engine supports, motorbike parts, housings, plates, brake parts, ecu parts, egr parts, enclosures, steering gear parts, furniture p, pipes, flanges, furniture parts, waterpump housings, valve housings, turbocharger housings
KSE OTOMOTIV        Türkiye         
s oil seals, gaskets, silicone hose, engine parts, clutch parts, suspension parts, fan systems, clutch, cylinder, clutch parts, clutch, engine parts, oil seals, suspension parts, cylinder, gaskets, silicone hose, fan systems
OSM PAZARLAMA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Ali Osman GÜDÜCÜ    
s tractor parts, tractor spare parts, hydraulic transmission, piston rings, balatas, brake linings, clutch discs, brake shoes, gaskets, seals, liners, plate washers, steel sheets, tractor piston rings, tractor balatas, tractor brake linings, tractor clutch discs, tractor brake shoes, tractor gaskets, tractor seals, tractor liners, tractor plate washers, oil seals, tractor oil seals, tractor part, tractor spare part, piston ring, balata, brake lining, clutch disc, gasket, seal, liner, plate washer, steel sheet, tractor piston ring, tractor balata, tractor brake lining, tractor clutch disc, tractor gasket, tractor seal, tractor liner, tractor plate washer, oil seal, tractor oil seal
s oilseal, hydraulic seal, pneumatic seal, seal, castor, wheel, auto spare parts, auto oil seals, oil seals, truck seals, wheels
CONBEL CONTA SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s airspring bumpers, bellows, milking machine rubber, special rubber moulded, anti vibration mounts, bushings, rubber metal goods, grommets, rubber fenders, couplings, gaskets, oil seals, rubber mats, bumpers
SUPTEK YAG KECELERI SAN. VE TIC. A.S.        Türkiye         
s oil seal, oil seals, oil seal products, oil seal product